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Segmental Implants

Dental Implant Bridges Address Sever Erosion Of Teeth

This young lady suffered from advanced erosion of most of her teeth related to Bulimia, and experienced severe sensitivity and pain because the pulps of the teeth were exposed. There was no adequate tooth structure left to do any sort of conservative repair. One option considered for the upper was full set teeth replacement with All On 4 with aesthetic gum replacement. However the gum health an...

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Compromised Teeth Replaced with Dental implant Bridges

his patient presented with most of his teeth affected by gross tooth decay and they were irreparable. Treatment options included All On 4 dental implants with aesthetic gum replacement, however in this patient the gum line was not visible on smiling, and the choreography of the gums was not severely compromised, so we decided on a course that involved removing the upper teeth and front lower te...

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Teeth Trauma for Melbourne GP Treated with Dental Implants

This patient presented having received a blow to the face, which caused root fractures of three of his upper front teeth. There was also an associated fracture of the supporting jawbone. In removing the fractured teeth there was a real risk of recession of the gums , which could have caused unevenness in the gum-line and poor appearance. This was of particular relevance in this patient because ...

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Bridge of 2 Teeth On One Implant With Grafting

This patient was referred to our clinic because of its aesthetic complexity. The loss of 2 front teeth has caused shrinkage of the gums, and an attempt to replace them with a conventional bridge was aesthetically unsuccessful because of the differential gum heights. We removed the bridge, placed a single dental implant and reconstructed the gum volume with simultaneous bone and gum grafting. Af...

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