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Upper All-On-4 Plus & Lower All-On-4 for 50 YO Architect

This patient has lost numerous back teeth over time and was finding it difficult to chew. He was also conscious of the gappy appearance and didn’t like his smile. He had gum disease, which resulted in the splaying and looseness of his teeth. The patient had an adequate quantity of bone for All On 4, but the quality of the bone was poor.

As such we raised the possibility that due to the...

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Musician Plays Saxohone Again with Upper & Lower All-On-4

This patient has had problems with his teeth for many years and had numerous restorations that were breaking down. The turning point for him was when he lost his front teeth, and with it he lost his ability to play the saxophone. The appearance was not so much of a problem for him. His main concern, apart from being unable to eat many foods, was that as a musician he was unable to work and was ...

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Upper Zygoma-Plus Stops a Cycle of Failed Dental Work

This patient had a history of failed dental work and tooth infections and wanted to do something more permanent that would improve the appearance of her smile. She saw a dentist who gave her the option of full set replacement, but the prior dentist told us that the patient was reluctant to remove whatever teeth she had left and decided to pursue a more conservative approach.

Her dentist ...

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Quad-Zygomas fix Loose Denture Problems in 58 Year Old

This patient had a full upper denture and some missing lower back teeth. His dentist placed some implants to replace the lower teeth and this gave him a tremendous improvement in function. But his upper denture was a worsening problem. It was very loose and destabilised when talking causing speech issues. He lost his confidence in speaking, as he had to think about what he was saying. Also food...

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Upper All-On-4-Plus Dental implants for Melbourne Entrepreneur

This patient had advanced gum disease at a relatively young age. He was treated with All On 4 Plus incorporating bone grafting because we wanted to build up his bone reserves in case of any complications in the future, especially due to his age.

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Cycle of Dental Problems Halted within 2 Days with All-On-4-Plus

A competent dentist who was also a friend of this patient treated him and attended to his dental needs as they arose. But the patient never felt like they were getting on top of his dental problems, which started when he knocked out the front tooth in a sports injury as a teenager. He suffered numerous infections and was never really satisfied with the state and appearance of his teeth. The las...

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Upper and Lower All-On-4 Improves Oral Health for Young Rigger

Marcus was embarrassed by his smile. He had numerous decayed and infected teeth that were sore and felt fragile. All the teeth were structurally compromised and it was too late to consider more conservative alternatives with crowns or bridges. He knew he had to do something about it and wanted to avoid dentures being so young.

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51 YO Female Rids of Loose Denture with Upper All-On-4-Plus

This patient was distressed having lost her upper teeth, as she was unable to get used to wearing a full upper denture. She was very conscious of her denture and wanted a fixed and more permanent alternative. The problem was that her bone quality was poor, and the anatomy of her sinuses did not allow placement of dental implants sufficiently towards the back. As the implants could not be spread...

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Staged Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants for 35 YO Mum

This young lady came to our clinic shortly before her sisters wedding and was hoping to have treatment so she can smile again. Her teeth were compromised to the point that they were irreparable for the long term, but there was enough bone in the lower jaw for immediate dental implants. In the upper jaw the situation was quite different. The numerous infections from her teeth destroyed the jawbo...

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Anxious Retiree Helped with Upper Zygoma and Lower All-On-4

This patient had suffered with her teeth all her life. She had severe anxiety to do with dentists from experiences of the past and was a complete dental phobic. She had not seen a dentist for many years and as a result her teeth and gums deteriorated and became extremely mobile, held together only by the calculus build up around them. She hid her smile, but apart from the appearance, she starte...

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Restored Function and Appearance with Upper & Lower All-On-4

  • Numerous missing teeth

  • Narrow upper jaw with an uneven plane

  • Upper partial denture

  • Functional difficulties

  • Patient dissatisfied with the appearance

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All-On-4 Dental Implants Improves Gummy Smile for Perth EA

  • Gummy smile

  • Poor bite (severe malocclusion with the front teeth protruding 8mm past the lowers)

  • Numerous badly decayed and structurally compromised teeth

  • Infections of the teeth extending to the jawbone

  • Unable to consume most foods due to missing teeth and dysfunctional bite

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Severe Overbite Treated with All-On-4-Plus Dental Implants

This patient’s main issues were that he was unable to eat and did not like to smile. His issues were to do with a dysfunctional severe malocclusion due to a genetic discrepancy in the size and alignment of the jaws, crowding of the teeth, and a deep bite.

One of the options considered was orthognathic jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment (braces), however due to numerous missing t...

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All-On-4-Plus Implants for Plant Supervisor with gum Disease

This patient had advanced gum disease and his teeth became very loose. He noticed that the appearance of his teeth has changed. He always had bucky teeth when youger but they started to spread and splay with the gum disease leaving big gaps. Apart from not liking the way his teeth looked, he also had pain and lots of trouble eating. He dreaded the thought of having to go into dentures.


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58 YO Farmer Treated with Upper and Lower All-On-4

This patient has lost numerous teeth due to tooth decay and gum disease, but the extent of wear on his teeth also gave us an indication that he is likely to be a grinder, and that his chewing muscles are capable of imparting a great deal of force once his teeth are restored, and this had a potential to lead to breakages of the new teeth, or even failure of one or more implants. He was unable to...

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All-On-4-Plus for Fragile and Broken Down Teeth

This lady presented with missing teeth and wearing a partial upper denture, which she hated.

She was distressed by the condition of her teeth and years of continued dental work with many fillings, crowns and root canal treatments, yet her dentists never being able to quite get control of her situation with a continued cycle of erosion, tooth decay and infections.

Her teeth felt fr...

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All-On-4 Aesthetic Gum Replacement for Medical Secretary

Rachael had a lower partial denture and all of her remaining teeth started to become loose. Her upper arch was very narrow at the back causing a cross bite and functional difficulties. She didn’t like the appearance of her smile and wanted to get rid of her denture. Her teeth were deteriorating at a rapid rate with failing dental work and she had pain. Together we explored all options but in ...

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Alternative to Loose Dentures with All-On-4-Plus Implants

This you lady presented to our clinic with advanced gum disease and had lost many teeth over time. She had an upper denture that was very unstable and she needed to use denture adhesive whilst wearing it. She was unable to enjoy food and had lost her confidence and self esteem. Her teeth became extremely mobile and she couldn’t face the thought of having to go to full dentures.

She had...

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74 YO Retiree gets rid of loose dentures with All-On-4 Implants

This lady presented with extremely loose dentures. Her dentures became progressively looser over time because the gums were shrinking as a result of natural atrophy of the bone. As the jawbone and gums atrophied, the nerves that usually lye inside became exposed and the lower denture was pressing on these nerve giving this lady a great deal of discomfort. It became intolerable to the point that...

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Tooth Decay and Failing Bridgework Addressed with All-On-4

This patient had gum disease, which has lead to recession and unevenness of the gum line, but the main issues were to with the bridges that she had done overseas. The teeth that supported the bridges were decayed beyond repair and it was no longer possible to save them and use them as supports for new bridgework. Even if the teeth could be saved, the unevenness of the gum line could not have be...

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Missing Teeth Replaced with All-On-4 Dental implants

  • Numerous missing teeth

  • Gum disease and tooth decay affecting the roots of multiple teeth

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All-On-4 Rids of Denture and Gum Disease for 65 YO Retiree

  • Deteriorated teeth

  • Advanced periodontitis

  • Loose and uncomfortable dentures

  • Functional difficulties

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